The Supreme Court really screwed up when they blurred the line between a person and a corporation with the Citizens United decision allowing corporations to spend anything they want on elections under the “freedom of speech” banner and the Hobby Lobby decision allowing that crackpot firm to pick and choose what medical care its employees should get, based on their religious delusions. Thanks to those decisions (and others) there’s a real sense that “no gays allowed” is a valid legal idea.

The commercial marketplace is not our home and it’s not our church. When a person chooses to enter the commercial marketplace they agree to a DIFFERENT set of rules than those that apply in their personal life. Anyone who’s not comfortable serving the public — all of the public — should not enter the commercial marketplace.

You’d think we would have learned about really bad ideas from “whites only” fountains, restaurants and hotels. Or from “separate but equal,” which is not. Too many have not learned, and any court that supports a “straight only” business is a court that would support a return to “whites only” business because they haven’t a clue what bigotry is when it’s staring them in the face.

Professional buyer and IT analyst with an aggressive view on the ability and responsibility of all employees to drive corporate success.

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